Week in Review

Week in Review & Upcoming Events

Week In Review

2 April  - 5 April, 2024

School council - Our next meeting will be in person this coming April 11th.  If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Lisa Baker at [email protected] for more details. If you require childcare, please reach out to Jodi at [email protected]

Reminder to parents/families that there is no school on Monday April 8th due the solar eclipse. If you plan to view the eclipse with certified glasses, please read the instructions below.

How to Use Eclipse Glasses or Viewers

Step 1: Turn away from the sky and find your shadow. With your back facing the sun, place your eclipse glasses or viewer over your eyes. You should not be able to see anything through the filter(s), so be careful of your surroundings!

Step 2: With your eyewear in position, turn back toward the sky and look around for the (now much fainter) Sun. If you can’t seem to find it, don't remove your eye protection to look! Ask someone for help.

Step 3: During full totality, it is safe to temporarily remove your eclipse glasses/viewer, but you must put your lenses back on before totality is over. When in doubt, always keep your lenses on. (source: Queens University, https://www.queensu.ca/physics/2024-total-solar-eclipse/safety)

PLEASE NOTE: THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION IS NOT IN THE PATH OF TOTALITY THEREFORE YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE YOUR GLASSES OFF IN THIS AREA.  You would have to head south near the seaway in order to experience the totality of the eclipse. 

Instructions for All Solar Eclipses

  • Always inspect your solar filter before use; if scratched, punctured, torn, or otherwise damaged, discard it. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter.

  • Always supervise children using eclipse glasses.

  • Do not look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed Sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device.

  • Similarly, do not look at the Sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device while using your eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewer in front of your eyes — the concentrated solar rays could damage the filter and enter your eyes, causing serious injury.

  • Seek expert advice from an astronomer before using a solar filter with a camera, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device; note that solar filters must be attached to the front of any telescope, binoculars, camera lens, or other optics.(source: American Astronomical Society, https://eclipse.aas.org/eye-safety)


Students in a variety of classes enjoyed an art project where they created their own solar eclipses.

This past Tuesday we celebrated World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day. On our announcements we’ve been reading special messages about Autism Awareness and students have been busy using the spectrum of bright colours on these colouring sheets located in our display case. 


Students in EF3B created these 3D “Funky Chickens”. Enjoy!

NEW PROCEDURE FOR ATTENDANCE: Mary Honeywell moved to a new absence reporting system on April 3rd.  Instructions can be found here.

Bus Lane in Front of Mary Honeywell: This laneway is a one-way lane and a designated bus lane. We ask that you avoid parking here for the safety of everyone. Families are encouraged to use our Kiss and Ride lane or parking lot at the side of the building. Should you be in this lane when buses arrive, you must remain parked until the buses leave. U-turns are not permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Buses - OSTA continues to struggle with finding and/or replacing bus drivers. For this reason, they’ve had no choice but to cancel bus runs. Currently all buses for MHES are running but there continues to be cancellations from time to time with other routes. Please make sure to check your email daily as this is the only way we can efficiently notify you when an afternoon bus is cancelled or going to be late. 


OSTA Link to Transportation Update for the Return to School 2023-24 

OSTA Link to OSTA Portal Registration

OSTA Parent Portal Guide

walking school bus maps


School council - Our next meeting will be in person this coming April 11th.  If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Lisa Baker at [email protected] more details. If you require childcare, please reach out to Jodi at [email protected]


An alternative to Hangman, Spaceman follows the same rules and uses easy to draw shapes.

In this version of the pen-and-paper game, you try to find the missing letters that make up a word. When you have enough letters, guess the correct word before the spaceship is complete.


2024-2025 Kinder Registration: We are still accepting registrations. If you know someone in the community who has a kinder aged child, please let them know we are excited to speak with them.  Please visit the Kindergarten Registration Page.  We encourage you to register as soon as possible.


Clubs and Sports

Mindfulness Club 

Grade 3  Wednesdays

Grades 4, 5, 6  Fridays


Board Games Club

Grades 1, 2 Mondays 

Grades 3, 4  Fridays


Art Club 

Grades 1, 2 Wednesdays

Beyblade Club 

Grade 1  Tuesdays, 

Grades 2, 3 Fridays 

Grades 4, 5, 6  Wednesdays

Trivia club   Fridays

Rubik's Cube Club  Thursdays

Shoe Tying Club  Thursdays

Open Gym 

Grade 3 Tuesdays

Run Club

All Grades Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week students will be running outside


Dismissal: There is no supervision for students after 3pm.  We understand that emergencies can happen which may prevent you from being here on time. Please let the office know if you are not able to be here and we will make arrangements for your child to be supervised. Office: 613-825-4834 

Visitors to the school: For the safety of our students, please note that ALL visitors must enter through the front door after they press the outdoor bell and identify themselves to our office staff. Please do not hold the door open for others. Thank you for your understanding. 

Children arriving by car: Kennevale is not a safe option for student drop off. Please park on a side street and direct your child to cross at the stop sign where there are dedicated crossing guards to ensure your child arrives at school safely. Please do not use the bus lanes for morning or afternoon drop off and pick up. 

Ottawa Public Health (OPH): OPH continues to encourage using the General Self-Assessment Tool to screen yourself and your family daily. OPH has also outlined some information and resources related to measures that you can take to continue keeping yourself and your families safe during this respiratory season. 

Mabel's Labels: If you are planning on purchasing labels this year, please consider supporting our school by selecting Mary Honeywell  ES from the support a fundraiser option on their website:  https://mabelslabels.ca/en_CA/

Walking children being dropped off by caregivers : When dropping your child off in the back of the school, please do not stand in or near the line up with your child. For the safety of all our students, we ask that parents move either to the bike rack or leave the school property. Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this.

School Clothing - Looking for MHES clothing? You can get it here: https://maryhoneywellelementaryschool.entripyshops.com/   A percentage of the sales continue to go towards the purchase of items (ie. gym equipment, technology, etc.). The website is easy to navigate and will periodically update with specials and new clothing when there is a new stock or style. The website will be up all year long! There are no more deadlines to purchase school clothing!

Take care!

Wanda & Lisa                                      


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